The first batch of thirty (30) girls to read a catering course was admitted in the 1967/1968 academic year when the University was then a Technical Institute. The catering course in those days consisted of one year pre-domestic science training, which offered students the opportunity to learn subjects such as Housewifery, Textiles and Clothing, Needle Work, Basic Science, English and Mathematics.

After the initial training, students offered Cookery for the Catering Industry Part One (then known as the City and Guilds 147), and this was conducted under the supervision of the City and Guilds of London Institute. After a few years’ trial, the pre-domestic science was phased out leaving the catering programme to be run for two years full time and three years part time.

In 1987, the Department was granted the permission to start an advanced programme known as Cookery for the Catering Industry Part Two (706/2). The first batch of HND students, twenty-three (23) in number were enrolled in 1997 after the Institute was upgraded to a Polytechnic in 1997. Total enrolment as at 2015/2016 academic year stood at two hundred and fifty-one for all programmes run at the Department.



The Department is committed to providing high quality career-focused education and training to students from the intermediate up to the tertiary levels to meet the manpower needs of the hospitality industry in the country and beyond.



  • The objectives of the Department are to train students to:
  • Meet the needs of hospitality industry
  • Produce nutritious Ghanaian and continental dishes,
  • Efficiently handle accommodation in hotels, hospitals and other similar establishments
  • Supervise (or personally handle) restaurants and bar operations efficiently
  • Plan economic operations and manage hotels and other hospitality establishments profitably
  • Develop and manage tourist sites effectively and efficiently.
  • Academic Programmes

The Department runs both Non-Tertiary and Tertiary Programmes.

These are:

Tertiary Programme:

ü  Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech.) in Hospitality and Tourism Management

ü  Higher National Diploma in Hotel, Catering and Institutional Management

Non –Tertiary Programme

ü  COTVET, Cookery Part II and Pre-HND.