The Faculty of Built Environment and Applied Arts is the most recent faculty created out of the former School of Engineering. It was created as part of the restructuring of the then Sunyani Polytechnic to effectively respond to the demands of a new mandate as a Technical University and also to properly relign departments and most importantly, the available human resources.

The Faculty has a total student’s population of 576 and total academic teaching staff strength 35. Currently, there are three departments under the Faculty. These are the Departments of Building Technology, Wood Technology and Visual and Industrial Arts.

These Departments offer programmes ranging from Bachelor of Technology (B. Tech) to Higher National Diploma (HND) and many other non-tertiary certificate and and pre-tertiary courses.

The Faculty is led by Dr. Evans Zoya Kpamma who is the Dean. He is assisted by the Vice Dean Mr. Abel Nimo Boakye and administrative staff at the Deans’ secretariat.