The Wood Technology Department, formerly known as the Carpentry and Joinery/Furniture Craft Section is as old as the Sunyani Technical Institute which was established in 1967. It became one of the most excelling Departments in pioneering the training of Technical and Vocational students and master craftsmen in the informal sector.

 In 1997 when the institute became a Polytechnic, the Department maintained its status until 2005 when it became a section under the Department of Building Technology.  Following substantial improvements made in building the capacity of the section, it was upgraded and renamed in January 2012 as the Department of Wood Technology.


The Department’s vision is to become a leading centre of excellence in the training of master craftsmen and Wood Technologists in Ghana and in the West Africa sub-region.

Mission Statement

To train and equip students with the necessary academic/industrial skills and competences leading to the production of craftsmen, technicians, professionals and other skilled personnel who will not only meet the needs of the wood work industry but also be enterprising and self-reliant.


The objectives of the Department are to train students to:

ü  Have deeper understanding in the craft processes, technology and practice

ü  Have broaden knowledge in construction contract administration and site practice

ü  Read and make drawings to communicate technical information

ü  Explain principles regarding wood working machines and to operate them

ü  Measure and cost items from giving information

ü  Apply scientific principles in design and construction of furniture, carpentry and joinery

ü  Apply skills in wood working joints to unit, components and structural framework

Academic Programmes

The Department is made of two main sections namely,

  1. Carpentry and Joinery section
  2. Furniture Design and Construction section

Currently the following programmes are being offered:

ü  HND-Interior Design & Technology

ü  Advanced Carpentry and Joinery

ü  Advanced Furniture Design and Construction

ü  Carpentry and Joinery – COTVET Cert. II

ü  Furniture Design and Construction- COTVET Cert. II


The Department has achieved the following:

Won three (3) proposals for Teaching and Learning Innovation Fund (TALIF).

ü  Established a vibrant Production Unit.

ü  Established a modern ICT laboratory.

ü  Fully equipped the wood workshop with modern machines.

Service to Community

The Department renders the following services at its Production Unit:

Prepares office furniture such as book shelves, chest of drawers, cabinets, office desks, stage stands, and doors for the University and outsiders.

Constructs plastic T&G stud partitions for office accommodation.

Future Plans

With the necessary logistics and approval, the Department is determined to carry out the following:

Establish a modern drawing studio

Establish a production unit for production of furniture and Joinery items

Offer Bachelor of Technology in Wood Construction Technology.