Department of Electrical/Electronic Engineering


The Department of Electrical/Electronic Engineering started in 1967 as the Electrical Installation Department of the then Sunyani Technical Institute. It was upgraded to its present status of Electrical/Electronic Engineering Department in 1997 when Sunyani Technical Institute became Sunyani Polytechnic.

Mission Statement

The Mission of the Department is to provide students with broad technological and basic managerial skills required for the installation, operation, maintenance and repair of domestic and industrial electrical equipment and electrical systems.


The objectives of the Department are to train students to:

Acquire knowledge and understand the concepts and principles of electricity and electronics.

Acquire the proper techniques in the use of electrical tools and equipment.

Apply their knowledge in the correct use of electricity to promote safe working procedures and safety precautions.

Develop skills in the use of appropriate tools and electronic instruments in measurement, troubleshooting and repairs.

Acquire skills in preparing layout, installing and commissioning industrial equipment and electrical services.

Academic Programmes

The Department runs both Tertiary and Non-Tertiary Programmes.

Non-Tertiary Programmes

  • Electrical Installation Work. (Intermediate)
  • Electrical Engineering Technician Part One.
  • Electrical Engineering Technician Part Two.

Tertiary Programmes

HND Electrical/Electronic Engineering,


  • Power Systems Engineering
  • Telecommunication Engineering
  • Medical Engineering Technology
  • Computer Engineering


The Department assist the University of Energy and Natural Resources with practical laboratory work for their students.

Service to the Community

The staff and students of the Department are engaged in:

The design and installation of all electrical work and campus street lighting in the Polytechnic.

Organized training workshops for electrical artisans in Sunyani and its environs.

Research Interests/Activities

The following are on-going projecte in the Department:

1. Design and Construction of Solar Lamp for lighting

2. Design of dual power source battery charger

3. Renewable energy technologies for domestic use

4. Design and construction of centralized surge protector for domestic use

5. Fading models in cellular networks

6. Wireless sensor networks (WSN)

7. Radio Frequency Identification (RFID)

8. The Development of speech recognition Technology.

Future Direction

The Department is working to introduce the following programmes in the near future.