The mechanical engineering department, at its initial stage, was offering a one year preparatory work (Pre-Tech) in Electrical, mechanical, Automobile and Welding courses.

After successful completion of the pre-Tech, students were made to select one of the following programmes to pursue:

• Mechanical Engineering Craft Practice

• Motor Vehicle Mechanics

• Welding and Fabrication

• Electrical Installation and Electronics


These courses persisted until 1987 when students were admitted to pursue a direct three-year course in the above programmes.
In 1997 when the Sunyani Polytechnic came into being, the Welding and Fabrication programme was abolished; the Automobile and Mechanical Engineering programmes were merged to form the mechanical engineering Department whilst the Electrical/Electronic programme was given a separate Department.

In 2006 however, the Mechanical Engineering became a Section affiliated to the Electrical and Electronics Department and was running programmes in Mechanical Engineering Technician and Motor Vehicle Technician (from Part 1 to Part 3)

Through the hard work of the staff of the Mechanical Engineering Section and the Polytechnic administrators, the Mechanical Engineering Section was given accreditation to run HND programmes Mechanical Engineering in 2010. As a result, the Mechanical Engineering Section is now a Department on its own ready to start HND programmes in Mechanical Engineering (Plant and Automobile option) in 2011/2012 academic year.




The Mechanical Engineering Department is one of the oldest in the Polytechnic. The Department offers up-to-date training in Mechanical Engineering for the nation’s youth from the basic training to the middle level manpower (from intermediate to technician level).

The Department comprises of two sub-Departments: the Mechanical Engineering Technicians and the Motor Vehicle Engineering Technicians.



The mission of the Department is to produce graduates who will meet the nations need for middle level manpower in the industrialization drive and self-reliance aspiration of Ghana as envisaged in the vision 2020 document.



To train students to acquire skills to manufacture and service engines and equipments in the field of Mechanical and Automobile Engineering.



The following academic programmes are currently being pursued in the Department:

Non-Tertiary Programmes
Mechanical Engineering Technician Part I
Mechanical Engineering Technician Part II
Mechanical Engineering Craft Practice
Motor Vehicle Mechanics
Motor Vehicle Technician Part I
Motor Vehicle Technician Part II

Tertiary Programmes
Mechanical Engineering Technician Part III
Motor Vehicle Technician Part III



Having completed the HND Mechanical Engineering or any of the Technician programmmes, one becomes accessible to a lot of employment opportunities, among which are the following:
• Educational and training institutions
• Ghana Highway Authority
• Ministries of Roads and Transports
• Ghana Railways company, etc
• Ghana Water Company
• Community Water and Sanitation Agency
• Ministry of Works, Water Resources and Housing
• Private Water supply companies
• Private Sanitation and Waste Management Organisations
• Small and medium scale enterprises (SMEs)
• Mining industries
• Ghana Telecom
• Volta River Authority
• Oil and gas industry
• Public Works Department (PWD)
• Any other industries


The Department is therefore directed to provide training to students in order to acquire the necessary academic and practical skills in Mechanical and Automoble Engineering at the intermediate and technician level.

The Department plans to expand by introducing higher programmes like HND, First Degree and Master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering in future. The Department also plans to set up a production unit in Mechanical and Automobile Engineering for the production of simple agriculture and industrial tools and machinery as well as rehabilitation of broken down equipments and maintenance of vehicles both within and outside the campus.



The Department has won a TALIF proposal on “Developing the human and material resource of the Department to improve teaching and learning” the Departmentwill therefore have more machines and equipments and also the academic development of the staff.

The Department gives support to the various departments and the central Administration on Welding, fabrication and services of equipment and tools for repairs and maintenance work.

We also undertake repairs and services on vehicles of the institution and members of staff.
The Department in conjunction with IFAD organised training programmes for Apprentices and Master Craftmen (Fitters) in Automobile Enginnering.



The Department carries out activities like repair/manufacture of items for the school as well as outsiders which generates some income for the school and the Department.



The department plans to expand by introducing higher programs like HND, First and Second Degrees in Mechanical, Automobile and Metallurgy in the near future.

The department also plans to set up a production unit in Mechanical Engineering and Automobile Engineering for the production of simple agricultural and industrial tools and machinery as well rehabilitation of broken-down equipment.