The Department of Accountancy was established at the beginning of the 1996/1997 academic year to offer Higher National Diploma in Accountancy. It has grown from a low background of about 150 students in 1996 to over 2000 students in 2011. Now, the Department has a population of about 1, 200 and runs about seven programmes.

The programmes run include: Bachelor of Technology in Accounting with Computing, HND Accountancy, HND Accounting with Computing, Professional Diploma in Computerized Accounting, Diploma in Computerized Accounting and Diploma in Banking Technology & Accounting.

The Department also runs a programme on behalf of the Institute of Chartered Accountants Ghana (ICAG) Part 1.

Mission Statement

The Mission of the Accountancy Department is to provide career-focused education and training at the tertiary level with emphasis on experience and entrepreneurship development in the field of Accountancy to fill the middle level manpower needs of the country.


To become the foremost Department, among all the Technical Universities in Ghana that provides high quality training and consultancy in Accounting, Banking and Finance

Core Values

The core values of the Department are:






Core Activities

Training of hands-on skilled support staff in Accountancy

Small business consultancy services in book-keeping and information relating to loans acquisition.

Tax clinic services.

Auditing services to SMEs and other associations on campus.

General business advice-

Facilitating workshops and seminars for Local Government Institutions.

Objectives of the Department

The Objectives of the Department are:

To train skilled support staff and middle and high level accounting personnel.

To cater for the accountancy needs of the various identifiable sectors of the economy by giving equal prominence to the public and private sectors.

To lay the foundation for the study of accountancy at higher academic levels.

To provide opportunity for the Students to advance to the status of professional Accountant.


Trained a number of accounting personnel who are working in both the private and public sectors in Ghana.

Record of high students pass rate in ICA and ATSWA (GAT) examinations. Recent awards won by our professional students include: Best GAT I Accounting student in Ghana for 2009 and overall Best GAT II Student in Ghana for 2010.

Unilever Best HND Graduating Student’s awards in Ghana for 2000, 2002 and 2004

Helped to sustain the UCC Distance Education Programme in Accounting and Management by supplying lecturers.

Developed a set of Accounting Systems for small scale businesses in Brong/Ahafo Region.

Runners-up of National Quiz Competition for HND Accountancy Students in 2010

Helped to streamline and maintain sound Accounting practices in the Books of Accounts of Local POTAG.

Academic Programmes of the Department

The academic programmes of the Department are:

Higher National Diploma in Accountancy.

Institute of Chartered Accountants (Ghana) – ICAG Part 1

B-Tech in Accounting with Computing in collaboration with Kumasi Technical University.

Higher National Diploma in Accounting with Computing in collaboration with Kumasi Technical University.

Professional Diploma in Accounting with Computing.

Diploma in Computerized Accounting(DCA)

Diploma in Banking Technology and Accounting (DBTA)

Target Groups for the Programme

The Department targets the following groups:

Matured persons in accounting professions who want to acquire professional

qualification in Accountancy.

People in both public and private sectors of the economy who would want to upgrade their accounting status to the senior/middle level status.

Vocational /technical certificate holders of accounting background.

Senior secondary Faculty certificate holders who would want to pursue Accounting.

Job Opportunities and Academic Progression

Graduates from our Department have the following job opportunities and academic progression:

Self-employment as a result of entrepreneurial skills imparted in students.

Employment in Financial Institutions.

Employment in the public and the private sectors of the economy.

Becoming research fellows.

Exemption from levels I & II of ICA (GH)

Exemption from levels I of ACCA

Graduate/Postgraduate studies with recognised institutions locally/abroad.

Service to the Community

Students provide services to various institutions during their attachment programmes. The Department provides auditing services to businesses in/and around Sunyani and tuition on part-time bases to other Departments like HCIM and Electrical/Electronic Engineering. Further, the Department provides business and financial advice for organizations and businesses.