The Department of marketing is one of the five Departments of the Faculty of Business Management studies. It was established at the beginning of the 1996/1997 academic year to offer Higher National Diploma in Marketing, to meet the growing demand for middle-level managers in both public and private sector organizations.

The Department is an innovative unit that continues to define its mission around the creation of world class marketing personnel for public, private and not for private sectors in Ghana and beyond. The Department has well qualified and experienced lecturers who have conducted research in e-business, strategic marketing, marketing communication entrepreneurship, international marketing, international business, small business management, branding and provide cutting-edge marketing and management advice to organization within and outside of Sunyani Polytechnic.

Mission Statement

In line with the vision of the University, the Department is committed to being the cradle of excellence in the provision of career-focused education and practical training in the field of marketing and entrepreneurship.


The Department of marketing derives its objectives from the broad objectives of the polytechnic, these objectives are;

  • To train skilled supporting staff and middle level marketing personnel.
  • To cater for the marketing needs of the various identifiable sectors of the economy by giving equal prominence to the public, private and voluntary/charitable organizations.
  • To provide opportunity for the diploma holders to advance to the status of professional marketers.
  • To lay the foundation for the study of Marketing at higher academic levels.

  • History of the Department

    The CIM programme which was mounted in the 2003/2004 academic year started with a students’ population of 12. Unfortunately, the frustrations in passing professional examinations together with students acquiring the foreign exchange component of the programme have negatively affected enrolment to the programme.

    The Department also introduced the London Centre of Marketing (LCM) programmes at the beginning of the 2007/2008 academic year but the programme is currently not being run due to accreditation issues in the United Kingdom.

    Job Opportunities and Academic Progression

    Graduates from our Department have the following job opportunities and academic progression;

  • Marketing Manager/Marketing Officer
  • Sales officer/Sales Representative
  • Customer Service Officer
  • Stores Officer, Events Officer
  • Brands Manager
  • Distribution Manager
  • Branch Manager
  • Employment in Bank and Insurance Companies
  • Employment in Government Institution as Public Relations Officer or Administrator
  • Employment in Radio and Television Companies as Presenters, Programme Managers
  • Progression to B-Tech in Marketing top up programme

  • Service to the Community

    The Department provides the following services;

  • Organizing seminars for micro and small business owners

  • Future Plans

  • The Department has plans which are far advanced to run the following programmes;
  • Currently developing partnership with KNUST to run B-Tech in Marketing Management and Innovations Technology.
  • Establishing an Entrepreneurship Development Centre.