The following academic programmes are currently being pursued in the Department:

Programmes offered by the Department

  • HND Marketing (Regular & Weekend)
  • B-Tech in Entrepreneurship and Finance (Regular & Weekend)
  • Diploma in Electronic Marketing (Regular)
  • Diploma in Business Administration (Regular)
  • Higher National Diploma in Marketing

  • The HND Marketing Programme, which is now in its eleventh academic year, began with a student population of 98 with an average annual admission of 200students. Over the years, the students’ population had increased tremendously but currently it has marginally decreased due to other external factors of the University. So far, plans are underway to increase the students’ enrolment in the Department.

    B-Tech in Entrepreneurship and Finance

    The Department had currently signed a memorandum of understanding with Kumasi Technical University to run B-Tech in Entrepreneurship and Finance programmes. The programme runs as a top up on weekends. The B-Tech in Entrepreneurship and Finance programme is to equip students with entrepreneurial or business acumen to enhance their competnences and increase the productitivity. Publicity is on-going to create awareness of the programme to interested students.

    Diploma in Electronic Marketing & Diploma in Business Administration

    The Department is currently admitting students into these programmes. The Diploma in Electronic course is designed to equip students with the ability to develop a range of skills and knowledge, necessary to meet demands of the rapidly evolving demands of Electronic-Marketing and Business World. It is also enhancing career opportunities specifically in the area of online marketing and media management.

    Diploma in Business Administration

    The Diploma in Business Administration is also suitable for all those who are, or aspire to be, ‘junior’ and ‘middle’ level managers in organizations and businesses. Again, the course will enable students to gain new skills and develop existing knowledge and understanding of a range of general management theories.

    Target Group for the Programme

    The Department targets the following groups;

  • Mature persons who want to acquire academic qualification in Marketing Management
  • People in both public and private sectors who would want to upgrade their status to the senior/ middle level status.
  • Senior Secondary Faculty Certificate holders who want to pursue Marketing as a career. Vocational/General Business Certificate holders