Sunyani Technical University began as a Technical Institute in November, 1967. In January 1997, government upgraded the Technical Institute to a Polytechnic and to Technical University in 2016 with statutory objectives and functions to provide career-focused training at the tertiary level.

Materials Engineering

Material engineering involves understanding relationship between the properties, composition and microstructure of a material, as well as how to process it. A material engineer is therefore responsible for researching, designing, developing and specifying materials for many advance technology and engineering applications.


The Department’s vision is to produce highly qualified high and middle level manpower in the field of materials engineering through hands-on practical teaching methodologies and industrial practice.

Mission Statement

The mission of the programme is to provide theoretical education and practical training to prepare middle level management and supervisory personnel for the field of Materials Engineering Technology and the manufacturing/extraction sectors in general.


  • To assist trainees (students) improve upon and strengthen their backgrounds in general education and in the engineering field.
  • To provide opportunities for trainees to develop essential knowledge and skills in communication, computing and information technology.
  • To establish a research base department that would equip students as well as the entire society with the requisite knowledge to understand the structure and properties of the materials around them, in order to modify and create new ones.
  • To bridge the gap between the industry and Academia.
  • To collaborate with industry through research works that seek to add value to the local raw materials.
  • Introduce the concept of Research and Development (R & D) to all local industries.

  • The Department plans to expand the options in Materials Engineering to include Metallurgy, Advance Materials, Mining and areas of oil and gas in the near future.
  • In addition, higher programmes such as Bachelor of Technology and Master of Technology will be introduced to enable the graduates from the HND programmes to upgrade themselves.
  • The Department is also working on bridging the gap between industry and academia in the area of research and various collaborations.