The Faculty of Engineering is one of the Faculties in the University that has gone through a lot of changes. It started with an interim Dean just after the upgrading to Polytechnic in 1996/97 with three Departments and three Sections. The Departments were Building Technology, Electrical/Electronic Engineering and Mechanical Engineering. The sections were Furniture Craft/Carpentry and Joinery (FC/C&J) as well as Painting and Decorating (P&D) as Sections under Building Department whiles Auto Mechanical section was under Department of Mechanical Engineering.

In 1998 the Faculty was re-organized with the view to improving upon it. This re-organization dismembered the Faculty by upgrading P&D and FC/CJ to Departmental status and placed under the Faculty of Applied Science and Technology thereby trimming down the Building Department. In 1999, the two Departments, Furniture Craft / Carpentry and Joinery and Painting and Decorating were moved from Faculty of Applied Science back to the Faculty of Engineering. Unfortunately due to poor enrollment and other challenges, three Departments namely; FC/C&J,P& D and Mechanical Departments were reduced to the status of sections and placed under Building and Electrical Departments respectively. Currently these three sections that were placed under the Building and Electrical Departments have been restructured and given Departmental status and are operating on their own as Departments.
In 2011, the Department of Civil Engineering was established to run Higher National Diploma in Civil Engineering and the Mechanical Engineering Department was also granted accreditation to run HND in Mechanical Engineering. In 2015, the Faculty underwent further restructuring leading to the curving out of the Faculty of Built Environment and Applied Arts.


The Faculty is headed by a Dean Mr. Samuel Asiedu and assisted by Senior Administrative Assistants and other supporting staff.
The office of the Dean of the Faculty of Engineering is located on the 3rd floor of the K.T. Djang-Fordjour Block.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Faculty is to equip students with technical/technological knowledge and skills so that they will be able to cope with demands of modern technology in industry.


The Faculty aims to:
Provide conducive and excellent environment, including information technology for teaching, learning and research activities
Offer career – focused engineering related programmes, tailored to meet the nation’s manpower needs.
Provide students with the entrepreneurial and hands on training so that they could be self-employed.


The Faculty has a well equipped computer laboratory with state of art software for simulation and training in the various engineering disciplines. The laboratory was furnished by Rotary Club International, our Partner.


Currently, there are three (3) Departments and one section under the Faculty. These are;

Department of Electrical/Electronic Engineering
Department of Civil Engineering
Material Engineering Section
Department of Mechanical Engineering